SDE’s Favorite Moments from 2015!

As 2015 came to an end, the team at Saving the Day Events got together to relive all of our favorite moments from some of the weddings that we were so blessed to be a part of! While going through these beautiful memories, we found ourselves adding our own commentaries (some of them we will share with you!), laughing, crying and remembering the special connections we share with each of our couples!

In 2015, Saving the Day Events focused on growing our team and zoned in on who we are and gave the business side of it a face-lift. Back in July 2013, Stephanie and Maria Starke co-founded Saving the Day Events. Our vision was to make wedding planning fun, simple and enjoyable. Wedding after wedding, we were accomplishing just that and wanted to share our expertise and ease of planning so more couples could be stress free on their special day. The only feasible way for us to do so was to expand our team. That is when Melanie, Sarah & Toni became a part of our family.

Stephanie’s Favorite Moments from 2015:
Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 11_Fotor_Collage

Photo Credits: Henk Prinsloo Photography (top & bottom left), Kati Rosado Photography (right)


Photo Credits: Lindley’s Photography (top left), Stolen Glimpses (bottom left), Kati Rosado Photography (top & bottom right)

“There is something about the relationships that are created with my clients that make wedding day so special. By the time wedding day comes along, we are practically family. After several months of planning, they have shared so much of who they are as a person and all of the quirks that complete their relationship. It is impossible for me to narrow down that one favorite moment on wedding day (because I literally LOVE every moment) but there are two moments that stand out that I look forward to every single time. I am usually the one on my team that has the honor of following the bride with her train as she makes her way to the alter. I walk with them until they reach the part of the aisle that I give their wedding dress one last fluff. The conversations that are held during that walk, I hold dear to my heart. More times than I can count, the bride and I will make eye contact as she turns around and asks me seconds before she walks to her groom, “Is it time, can I walk down now?” Let me tell you – instant tears! My other favorite part of wedding day is setting up all of the details and designs that they have worked so hard on for monthhhhsssss. Our team has SO much fun being able to execute their ideas and there are constant “awws” going on all day. Right before the guests are welcomed into the reception area, I always try and take my couples to do a “first look” of their reception space. This allows them to have some down time together and be able to throughly enjoy all the little details that came to life before anyone else.” –Stephanie

Maria’s Favorite Moments from 2015: 
Photo Credits: Kati Rosado Photography


“My favorite part of being a wedding planner is when we have worked so hard to fulfill the couples vision and dream. We make it come alive! Being able to step back and look at the finished wedding as a whole, it is just so beautiful. It’s what makes the hustle and bustle worth it!”–Maria


Melanie’s Favorite Moments from 2015:
Photo Credits: Lindley’s Photography (top left), Henk Prinsloo Photography (bottom left), Kati Rosado Photography (right).


“Being a wedding planner is one of the most rewarding careers I will ever have. Just knowing that I have helped make our couples’ dream day a reality is something that I will never forget. It is hard to say what my favorite moment during a wedding is, because every moment is so special in their own way, but there are a few moments that do take a special place in my heart. One favorite moment I absolutely love is when all of the details have come together and we get to step back and soak all of it in. Seeing everything come together is such a mesmerizing sight that I just can’t wait to show it to our couple! I also cannot help myself when our couples take their first pictures together as Mr. & Mrs. I can feel the love and excitement between the two of them. There is no better feeling and it fills my heart with a joy. The only way I can explain it is a little kid on Christmas morning. Above all, I just love when I get to see our couples soak in the last final moments of their wedding. Even though it is bittersweet knowing our time with them planning their wedding has come to an end, this is when we get to see the smiles on their faces, knowing that today was just as perfect as they had ever dreamed.” –Melanie


Sarah’s Favorite Moments from 2015:

Photo Credits: Andrea Rose Photography (top left), C&M Photography (bottom left), Kati Rosado Photography (right).


“I still remember the first wedding I did with Saving the Day Events like it was yesterday. It started pouring down rain during the ceremony and we got huge umbrellas to hold over guests so they could get into the reception dry. I realized then, wedding planning was going to be hard work but SO much fun! There are two other moments that stick out to me vividly from 2015. At one of the weddings we did, there was a bridesmaid that was unable to walk down the aisle at the last minute and I stood with her. We were able to watch the ceremony from a completely different angle than anyone else–wedding planning perks at its finest! My all time favorite moment from this year was Michelle & Melissa’s (pictured on the right) wedding day. You could tell they were so in love with each other and when they looked at each other during their first dance you know that they felt like they were the only ones in the room, they were so focused on each other!”


Toni’s Favorite Moments from 2015:
Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 6_Fotor_Collage

Photo Credits: Kati Rosado Photography (left), Lindley’s Photography (top right), Lisa Marshall Photography (bottom right).


“There are so many moments leading up to the ceremony time that are my favorite. Being in the room while the bride is getting ready is so exciting! You are able to experience the emotions she is feeling just by being there and looking at her and those that surround her. I absolutely LOVE when couples do a “first look” with each other before the ceremony. It is so genuine and personal. The reactions on the grooms face when he sees his bride for the first time, whether it is at the first look or when she is walking down the aisle, always make wedding days PERFECT for me!”–Toni


Here are even more SDE Team Favorite photos from 2015!


Photo Credits: Jeff Carr Photography (top left), Kati Rosado Photography (top center, center center), Lindley’s Photography (top right), Thunderclap Photography (center left), Stolen Glimpses (center right), Wonder & Whim (bottom left), C&M Photography (bottom center) and Lisa Marshall Photography (bottom right).

Photo Credits: Jeff Carr Photography (top left), Kati Rosado Photography (top center, center center), Lindley’s Photography (top right), Thunderclap Photography (center left), Stolen Glimpses (center right), Wonder & Whim (bottom left), C&M Photography (bottom center) and Lisa Marshall Photography (bottom right).


We also cannot help but to share our favorite video from 2015 compliments of Ivory & Iron. Jenna & John’s wedding was nominated for Wedding of the Year for 2015 with The Bridal Society!


Coming into 2015, we were not sure how to top 2014 and looking back and highlighting SDE’s 2015, I am blown away…we were a part of 21 weddings and several baby showers, bridal showers, and birthdays. We planned the Congressional Medal of Honor, coordinated networking meetings for wedding professionals in Brevard, re-branded our look with a new website and logo, went to Washington DC to the WeddingWire World Convention, traveled to Las Vegas for Wedding MBA Convention, and we ended our year with the sweetest nominations and awards. This year SDE was nominated for Website of the Year, Styled Shoot of the Year, and Wedding of the Year. We received our Gold Badge on WeddingWire Reviews (thank you again to all of our sweet couples and their families for sharing their experiences with the world). Saving the Day Events & Kati Rosado Photography came together and moved into an office space in Downtown Melbourne. Stephanie earned the position of International Director of the Bridal Society and won Wedding Planner of the Year for the second year in a row!!

We are so blessed to have been on the journey’s our couples included us on and be able to have worked alongside some of the BEST wedding professionals in the State. From everyone at Saving the Day Events…THANK YOU for supporting us, believing in us, trusting us and sharing your most special moments with US!

What is in store for SDE in 2016, you may ask? This year, Melanie and Sarah become lead planners and take on their own weddings and Toni becomes a certified wedding planner with TBS so she will be able to do the same! We have a TON of trips planned all over the country to continue our education. We already have 15 amazing couples tying the knot this year and hope to welcome 15 more to our family. BREAKING NEWS: SDE has an amazing project in the works that will be debuting this year!

All of us at Saving the Day Events wish you a year filled with love, laughter & happily ever afters!

*Photo Credits for above team photos: Kati Rosado Photography (top left & right), personal iPhone (bottom left)

Stephanie, Maria, Melanie, Sarah & Toni