“We were able to totally enjoy our day!” –Liz

Stephanie and her staff were SO amazing the day of the wedding!! Not only did they make me feel like a princess (helping me put shoes on and bringing me champagne etc) but they also made our guests feel very special. I never worried about anything going wrong because they took care of every last detail. At one point, I stepped on my dress outside and put a muddy stain on it… They were there in an instant blotting the stain out completely!!) If there was a problem, I didn’t know about it. We were able to totally enjoy our day. They were even thoughtful enough to made sure that we had food and cocktails throughout the night! Stephanie was extremely helpful with the whole planning process… Keeping me on track with items that needed completing and “homework” on important information was so critical to having our wedding run smoothly. Another great service from Stephanie was her advice and her promptness with responding to emails, texts or meetings. She also has the unique gift of being able to get to know her bride and groom’s personalities and suggest the Exact Right vendor for them. I can honestly say we had the best vendors for us and they actually went above and beyond our expectations! Thanks so much to Saving the Day Events for making our wedding absolutely Wonderful!!!!